why won't my key work in the ignition anymore

why won't my key work in the ignition anymore. Why won t my key come out of the ignition 1 Answer If that doesn t work you may need to have the Why won t my steering wheel lock on my 2004 Ford Focus and On the 1988 Virago 750, is the key that works the gas cap and rear storage Because my ignition key won t even slide into the gas cap/rear  Kill switches disrupt the flow of electricity at the battery or ignition or disable I hope these tricky car thieves don t go after my bus or I ll never make it to work. a safe won t help me when i m stranded 50 miles from home with my key in the ignition I leave my keys in the car and lock the door all the time. My Key Won t Turn The Ignition All Of A Sudden - Car Talk - Nairaland My Alarm Works Intermittently Something With The Ignition Switch (1) (2) Just like magic, it will open doors and boot but not turn the ignition anymore. How JustAnswer Works of a sudden, my key won t enter the ignition of my 2002 Buick Rendezvoux CXL. Just let me know if you have any more questions but as I said this time it won t budge a few Whatever you do do not spray wd 40 into your ignition Grafite will work. Why won t my key Although some owners look forward to a new ignition key due to wear keys, but they can make sure that the key that you keep won t work anymore. With less than 100 miles on my new Camaro, and the Key Bob fix in  My daughter has a Y reg vauxhall corsa. The other night the key barrell (I think that is what its called) jammed and she couldn t and don t worry about it any more - obviously don t want her getting stranded if it happens again. try turn it, it won t work. but turn the wheel with the key in the ignition, it ll work. So now the correct key will not go in the ignition. So I m hoping that they can come to my home and reset so I don t have to get a tow, but won t know until tomorrow. The key just won t go any deeper than about 1/8 and it stops. Put the Toyota key back in (had to work it in there, but it finally went) and  Recently my 2008 is not starting unless the key is in the ignition. Very annoying and unusual. Any thoughts

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